13-Year-Old Opera Singer Gives The Judges Chills On “America’s Got Talent”

Ever since American Idol first debuted in 2002, audiences have been obsessed with discovering the next big music sensation. The show’s most hard-to-please host, Simon Cowell, demanded greatness from everyone who set foot on the show’s stage. Thanks to 15 seasons of American Idol, not to mention countless other seasons of its international spin-offs, the world has been introduced to all kinds of amazing vocalists.

Today, Simon works as a judge on both Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. These programs allow for a wider range of performers than just singers. Everyone from acrobats to comedians have appeared on the hugely popular talent competition, making it even harder to stand out among the crowd of aspiring stars. Still, there are plenty of singers who try their best each season to wow Simon and the rest of the judges.

At this point in his career, it’s safe to assume that Simon has heard it all. Well, until this past Tuesday that is, during the Season 11 premiere of America’s Got Talent, when he heard a young singer who truly blew him away. After a slew of lackluster auditions, Simon was in a pretty sour mood. Then, out of nowhere, a nervous, teenage girl named Laura Bretan stepped onstage. None of the judges wanted to send such a sweet girl home, so they could only hope that she had a strong voice. What followed left the entire panel of judges in awe, even prompting Simon to say that he has “never heard anything like that in all the years [he’s] been doing this show.” It’s safe to assume we’ll be hearing a lot more of Laura in the future.

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