2 Hospital Employees Adopt Unwanted Baby Born Without Nose Or Eyelids

In what is a shocking response from parents, Baby Adam’s family refused to take him home from the hospital after he was born. Then, they went even further, adding that, if they did take him home, Baby Adam would be poisoned! When his birth parents saw that Adam was born without his eyelids, a nose, or hands, and that his legs were fused together, they were ashamed to call him their son. It is hard not to judge, not knowing the whole story, but most parents would do anything for their children, no matter the hardship. Unfortunately, that is not what happened for Adam.

Raja and Jessica Paulraj, a hospital administrator and nurse who had been working with Adam, knew they had to do something. The couple decided that they would adopt this precious child. Adam was born with the rare genetic disorder called Bartsocas-Papas Syndrome. To combat the effects of the disease, this brand-new family traveled from Northern India to North Carolina. There, a team of doctors donated their services to save little Adam’s life. Even though the doctors had given their time, Adam’s medical bills were mounting. The hospital workers and surrounding community came together and raised $100,000 for this beloved tiny guy, all in only a week’s time.

Thanks to the aid of Raja, Jessica, and a loving community, Baby Adam got the help he needed. He was able to close his eyes and mouth for the first time. Adam loves spending time with his parents and giggles as his dad plays with him.

Will Adam be okay? His doctor, John van Aalst, says much remains to be done, but adds, “Is he going to be perfect? Yes, he’s already perfect.”

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