Abused Pit Bull Recovers After Being Rescued From The Streets

It’s always sad to hear stories of animal abuse. Unfortunately, it’s a very common occurrence that often goes unchecked. Animals that are victims of abuse usually end up on the streets, living in conditions that make them more susceptible to disease and accidents. Dogs are particularly vulnerable to abuse, which is why there are several organizations dedicated to helping abused animals get adopted into loving homes.

One such organization goes by the name of Pawsitive, and they recently released a video featuring an abused pit bull named Precious. Precious was found on an afternoon in the streets of South Los Angeles after Pawsitive got a tip about a big dog that was bleeding out on the street. When rescuers found her, she was on the verge of death and clinging on to the little energy she had left. She was emaciated, bleeding profusely and missing her ears – no one thought she would make it through the day. 

Rescuers later discovered that Precious lived most of her life as a “bait dog” in the hands of local street gangs. Bait dogs like her are pretty much used as punching bags to make fighting dogs more aggressive, which can sometimes be fatal for the dogs involved. The result of this horrific practice is clearly visible when you see Precious for the first time. Some of her scars will probably never heal, but thanks to the people at Pawsitive, she now has a better chance of finding her forever home.

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H/T: PAWsitive

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