Animal Shelter Adopts Rare Blonde Raccoon

When this little critter arrived at Hope For Wildlife Animal Shelter, many people thought they were looking at a fox. The truth, however, is something far more special. Raccoons are a common sight at the Nova Scotia-based animal shelter, with many brought in every spring, but this one is a little different.

We often think of raccoons as animals who dig through the trash and make a big mess, but this beauty is making everyone think twice about the furry mammals. Instead of the black mask typically found on raccoons, this one sports a coat made up entirely of blonde fur! When you take a look at her, it’s no wonder people mistake her for a fox. In fact, if it weren’t for her brown nose, this fox would be entirely albino.

While we’re sure she’s as smart, cunning, and mischievous as the rest of her species, this one couldn’t look more peaceful as she curls up inside her makeshift habitat at the shelter. Some have expressed concern over the shelter’s decision to keep her inside of a wooden box, but there’s actually a good reason why. The box is about the same size as the den she will be living in as soon as she returns to the wild, so it’s good preparation for when she returns to life outside of the shelter. To learn more about this rare raccoon, check out the video below.

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H/T: CTV News

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