Baby Born Without Arms Or Legs Gets Happy Ending

Every baby is born with a future full of promise and opportunities; however, not every baby is born the same. For Gabe Adams, his differences were readily apparent. He was born without any arms or legs, causing his mother to abandon him at the hospital. His story, however, touched the hearts of Janelle and Ron Adams, who adopted him

The video below shows how Gabe and his parents were determined not to let his physical condition stop him from doing anything. Since then, he has continued to surpass everyone’s expectations. During sixth grade, with some help from his older brother, he even joined his class on a four-mile hike through the Wasatch Mountains.

Now, as a 17-year-old high-schooler, Gabe has mastered a new talent: dancing. “I got into dancing because I wanted to prove to myself and other people around me that there was more to me than the kid that was in the wheelchair,” he told KSL-TV. He’s even on the school dance team and performs at games!

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