Blind Fifth Grader Stands Up To Bullies

For all their innocence, children can often be very cruel to one another. 10-year-old Annalee Bielas knows this all too well. Being blind, she’s encountered her fair share of bullying. One day, for instance, a boy called her “monster eyes.” Annalee is wise beyond her years, however, and says she didn’t let it hurt her – she knows the boy only bullied her because he “didn’t look at the inside of me. He looked at the outside.”

When her school planned an 800-meter track meet, she took it as an opportunity to prove to her classmates that she wouldn’t be held back by her disability. “Everybody says I can’t do challenges, but I want to,” she said. “That’s what freedom is all about. It’s about doing what you want and not listening to all these people.”

Watch as Annalee bravely takes part in the competition, shattering her peers’ prejudices. Through her inspiring example, the kids at her school learn a powerful lesson. 

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H/T: Humankind

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