Bullied Boy Expresses Himself Through Dance On “Britain’s Got Talent”

Bullying is a huge problem for many kids across the world. It is tragic for a child to be afraid to go to their own school because of torment and ridicule they might receive. The issue of bullying is so widespread that we can all probably think of an example where it happened in front of us, or to us. For kids that are bullied, it’s so important to have an outlet to express their feelings, whether through words or something more. 

14-year-old Jack Higgins knows this better than anyone. His dream is to become a professional dancer, but he is constantly mocked and made fun of for it. His classmates tell him that only girls should dance and try to make him feel bad for not playing sports. But, through it all, Jack has stayed strong and has not given up the pursuit of his dream. So, he took the stage at Britain’s Got Talent and showed the world his skill. 

What made Jack’s moment in the spotlight truly special, however, was his willingness to open up about his mistreatment and how much it hurts. Jack wasn’t alone, though. The judges shared kind words of encouragement to him and even Simon gave some advice: “You know the one thing bullies don’t like? They don’t like it when you do well.” That’s why Jack made sure to give the performance of his life, and experienced a moment neither he nor anyone else watching will ever forget. 

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