Country Music Icon Willie Nelson Jams With His Sons

Willie Nelson. Johnny Cash. Waylon Jennings. Kris Kristofferson. These four country music legends made up the country supergroup The Highwaymen. Their #1 hit “Highwayman” set the foundation for their “outlaw” reputations. From that foundation, each member made his own style and career – each influenced future generations.

Now, imagine growing up on that tour, watching the performances, and knowing the men behind them. That’s exactly the fortunate life lived by the sons of Willie Nelson. Luke and Jake called The Red Headed Stranger “dad” and the other superstars “uncle.” These boys were raised by a legend, surrounded by trendsetters, and, all the while, encouraged in their own creativity. One would expect a lot from those so closely influenced by greatness.

Willie has influenced a wide range of audiences on a wide range of topics. He was a founder of Farm Aid, a set of concerts to raise money and awareness for the importance of family-run farms. Following 9/11, he led several celebrities in a benefit concert, singing “America the Beautiful.” He wrote Patsy Cline‘s hit song “Crazy.” He is a seven-time Grammy winner. He has also received recognition from the American Music Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards. Above all of this, Willie seems to believe his greatest influence is through his sons. He looks to them to pass on a love for music, as he did for them. He even teases them that they need to “get busy and get some kids.” However the future turns out, it should be a creative ride with a role model and father like Willie Nelson.

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H/T: John Varvatos

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