Daycare Worker Gets A Well-Deserved Surprise

Every morning, Brittney Nichols drops her two-year-old daughter off at daycare. On most days, she drives with her daughter to the daycare, walks her inside, kisses her goodbye, and drives away; but one morning, she had a massive change of heart. It started when she and her daughter were driving along one day when they noticed one of the daycare workers, Christy Owens, walking alongside the road. In that moment, Brittney’s heart broke for Christy, because she realized that she didn’t have a car and couldn’t even imagine how difficult her life must be. 

So, Brittney came up with a plan. She wanted to get Christy a car of her own but didn’t quite have the means to do it – but she did have faith that she would find a way to make it happen. That’s when she turned to people in the community and explained the situation in the hopes they would donate. Soon, Brittney’s prayers were answered as people from around the community started donating to help get Christy the car she so desperately needed. 

When the funds were all there, she purchased a used Chevy Cavalier, along with pre-paid insurance and driving lessons. In a very special moment, she presented Christy with the gift, and her reaction is guaranteed to leave a tear in your eye. Watch the video below to see exactly what happened. 

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H/T: Brittney Nichols

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