Dog Shows Off His Killer Dance Moves

Here at Wimp, we absolutely love dogs. They weren’t kidding when they came up with the nickname “man’s best friend.” They’re cute, cuddly, and sweet. They can also be trained to do tricks, pick up stray balls, or even help around the house. And dance performances? We love those, too! If you put the two together, nothing could be better; just check out the pup in the video below if you’re not convinced. It’s worth noting that some viewers are concerned that this dog’s movements stem from distemper, but the dog seems to be in relatively good health, albeit skinny. 

So, now the question is: does this dog actually like the music or is it just a happy coincidence? Well, according to animal behaviorist Deborah Wells, dogs do indeed like music. Her research showed that pups prefer classical music, finding it relaxing, but don’t particularly care for the pop tunes on the radio (although the dog below seems to feel differently!). Further research conducted shows that music can even be healing for dogs. When hospitalized dogs have harp music played to them, their heart rates actually lower. The calming effect of the music helps them to heal faster and experience an easier recovery. 

But keep in mind that there are sounds to steer clear of, too, when playing music for your pup. Percussion instruments seem to be a no-no, as their sounds can be somewhat startling for canines. And as for songs prominently featuring the word “no,” dogs don’t seem to take too kindly. Just as they don’t want to be told they can’t have something in life, they don’t want to hear it in their music either!

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H/T: Cryophobic Jenkins

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