Even Government Officials Can’t Take Themselves Seriously When Someone Farts During A Meeting

When the city council of Medina, Ohio convened one fateful day several years ago, they had no idea what was in store for them. While the debate still rages as to whether this was the work of some devious prankster or if one of the city council’s members simply made a poor choice at the lunch counter, the fact remains that this YouTube classic never fails to entertain, no matter how mature you think you are.

Despite what your parents might tell you growing up, sometimes passing gas is just funny. Of course, you should never belittle anyone for letting one slip, but when it happens, it’s hard not to find it a little bit amusing.

According to the video’s original uploader, an individual, possibly one of the children observed to be in attendance, likely used an app on their phone. The well-known iFart was the talk of much discussion early in the iPhone’s existence, as a remarkable number of fart apps were released for the device. So many that Apple specifically cracked down on the apps, citing a concern that their shiny new phone’s perceived quality could suffer under the weight of all those digital whoopee cushions. A similar event occurred in 2015 when Apple officially banished all fart-related apps from their new Watch device. Apple thinks they’re above the comedy in this video, we suppose.

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