Family Of All Boys Pleasantly Surprised By First Girl Grandchild

When Aubrey Howell learned the sex of her unborn baby, she decided to keep it a secret. The previous 9 grandchildren on her side of the family all had one thing in common: all of them were boys. So when her family assumed that Aubrey’s fourth child would be a boy, she let them go right ahead.

On the big day, when the family meets Aubrey’s baby for the first time, she reveals the secret that she has been hiding all along. Watch her family react with total shock to finally meeting a baby girl. Even Grandpa can’t believe it at first and asks why Aubrey would put a pink bow on her son’s head.

It’s truly an incredible moment to capture and the surprise on all of their faces shows just how convinced they were about this new baby. My own family went through a similar experience with the birth of my older sister, who was the first girl born on my dad’s side going back 2-3 generations. It’s always a pleasant surprise to know that the family will be balanced out by the fairer sex, and clearly this family couldn’t be happier!

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