Father Surprises Daughter With A Wedding Song In Sign Language

Weddings and the following receptions are always full of personal touches, like a special location or choreographed dance. In the case of Nicole Cortez Figg’s reception, her dad’s alternative toast made sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

While neither Nicole nor her father are deaf, she is a sign language interpreter, which explains the meaning behind his song. It’s a tender moment between father and daughter that shows the lengths to which so many dads will go to express their love for their daughters. This particular gesture is so interesting because of the unique way in which it was communicated.

The use of sign language was first recorded in the fifth century BCE in ancient Greece. Since then, many sign languages have developed, with each country generally having its own. Many have similarities between each other, but interestingly enough, sign languages usually have no relation to the spoken language of the same country. For instance, Spain and Mexico each have their own sign language, despite having the same spoken language of Spanish. Meanwhile, French and American signing is actually pretty similar despite the disparate spoken languages in the two countries.

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