Fed Up Moms Start Hilariously Photobombing Their Kids’ Selfies

Although I’m not quite sure who said it, one of my favorite quotes of all time is, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Take teens and technology, for instance. Social media has totally changed the game for how teens interact with one another nowadays … but it’s all part of the same overall quest for “coolness” that we all went through as kids, too. We showed off our new sneakers on the playground, while kids today do it on Instagram.

One thing that’s never going to change, however, is a mother’s uncanny ability to be embarrassing to her teenagers. Parents are the epitome of “uncool” when you’re that age, but you’ve still gotta hang out with them from time to time since they have the car keys and the credit cards. Still, that doesn’t discourage some kids from ignoring poor Mom, spending their time taking selfies for social media instead.

In what might be the most hilarious trend I’ve seen to date, these frustrated moms decided that since they’re paying for the data plans all those selfies are being posted with, they might as well be in them! Thus, #PhotoMombing was born, which is when moms photobomb their kids’ pictures to hilarious effect. Naturally, it’s all meant in good fun and the video strikes a playfully satirical tone. Still, I do hope #PhotoMombing starts taking off on Twitter soon, because I couldn’t help but chuckle at this video.

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