Goose Finds Cop And Leads Him To Her Trapped Baby

Over the course of 26 years of service with the Cincinnati Police Department, Officer James Givens thought he’d seen pretty much everything. All it took was one mother goose to show him how wrong he was in making that assumption.

Earlier this week, Officer Givens was sitting in his patrol car when he suddenly found himself being accosted by someone who just had to get his attention. A goose started pecking the side of his car and wouldn’t stop even after he tried offering some food. She stopped briefly and walked away, before returning and resuming her pecking and quacking. When she walked away a second time, Givens decided to see where she was going.

The goose led him about 100 yards off to a grassy area by a creek, where one of her babies was tangled up in a balloon string, hopelessly kicking its feet. Givens was a bit reluctant to interfere in case the mama goose attacked, so he called the SPCA. Instead, his colleague Officer Cecilia Charron showed up and promptly rescued the gosling while its mama watched on. Both officers say it’s the most unique experience either of them has had in their time on the force.

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H/T: James Givens

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