Holocaust Survivor Sings National Anthem

Survivor. Patriot. Grandmother. Three words we don’t often associate with each other. Usually, the first two words move us to think of soldiers or other heroes in our community. However, there are many people who fit those descriptions, despite their appearances. Such is the case for Hermina Hirsch.

As a resident of Czechoslovakia when the Nazi regime was attempting to complete their annexation of many areas, Hermina was captured and moved between several concentration camps, including Auschwitz. Fortunately, she was liberated in 1945. Following her release from recovery, like many Holocaust survivors, she moved to the United States. She found freedom and safety in her chosen city of Detroit. She was extremely grateful for her survival and for the country that had offered her a second chance. 

It should not be a surprise, then, that she cherishes the song “The Star Spangled Banner.” After her experiences as a young woman, the lyrics, which tout bravery and patriotism, have a deep meaning. So, when she got around to telling her sons that she would love the chance to sing the United States’ national anthem before a Detroit Tigers game, they knew they had to make it happen.

When asked about her experience, Hermina said with a smile, “At my age, I figure this would do it. I don’t want to die before I sing at a baseball game. If I lived through the concentration camp, it couldn’t be that bad.” She made her appearance and every citizen should take note of her pride in her adopted homeland. 

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H/T: ABC News

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