How To Upgrade Your Outdated Home On A Budget

When was the last time you updated your house? We don’t mean putting in a new piece of furniture or planting flowers in the front yard – we mean taking the time to update the fixtures in your home that are a little outdated.

Unless you just bought a new home, chances are you’re living in one that was built a while ago. Just like fashion, interior design has trends that come and go. Certain things that might have looked good 30 years ago now look cheap and outdated. So, what’s a homeowner to do?

There are a number of ways you can upgrade your home using nothing more than a new coat of paint and your own creativity. Check out the images below to learn how to take your home from old to bold with a few easy DIY projects. Why buy a new house when you can make yours look brand new?

Bring Your Doorknobs Into The 21st Century

Handle The Heat

It’s amazing how much a single can of spray paint can do for your doorknobs. While gold is no longer in style, a nice bronze color should make them look nice and modern.

Handle The Heat

Add “Windows” To Your Garage

Two Peas in a Bucket

No need to mess with calling a contractor to give your garage a new row of windows. A clever paint job looks just the same and costs way less. Click here to learn how to do it.

Add Mirrors To Your Closet Doors

Kevin & Amanda

Aside from helping you pick out the right outfit, a couple of mirrors will make your bedroom look and feel better.

Switch Out Your Air Filter Cover

Simplicity In The South

You might think that air vents are here to stay, but they can actually be replaced with a number of more modern designs. Click here to learn how you can make this new air filter cover at home.

Simplicity In The South

Switch Your Switches

The Plumbed Nest

Light switch plates might not sound like the best place to express your creativity. After all, they’re so tiny, and who even notices them anyways? After simply applying some Mod Podge and scrap paper, your guests won’t be able to look away! Click here for a full tutorial.

The Plumbed Nest​​

Crown Your Windows

Angelo’s Attic

A nice piece of crown molding will cover up that unsightly top bracket and make your windows look much more elegant.

Color Is Everything

Make It & Love It

Just like with your doorknobs, sometimes color is all you need to change to make your house look brand new. New to painting or staining wood? Click here to learn how.

Give Your Faucet A Face-Lift

Addicted 2 Decorating

A new faucet can cost a lot of money, but a new coat of paint hardly costs a thing. Click here to learn more about this upgrade that you and your guests will love.

Addicted 2 Decorating

Decorate Your Dishwasher With Bead Board

The Frugal Girls

An old, white dishwasher can stick out like a sore thumb in an otherwise nice kitchen. Instead of buying a new dishwasher, make it look a lot nicer by applying some bead board to the outside. Click here for the full instructions.

The Frugal Girls​​

See Things Differently With Frames

The Frugal Homemaker

Add a frame to any mirror and see how big a difference it makes. Click here to learn just how easy it is.

Turn Your Shower Into A Vacation

Addicted 2 Decorating

Feel like you’re on vacation in your own home by adding a wooden floor mat to your shower. Take this upgrade a step further by making yours out of recycled wood pallets. Click here for more information.

Addicted 2 Decorating

Become A Fan Of Your Fans

Just Call Me Homegirl

Gold and wood ceiling fans aren’t what you want to see when you look up. Tara from Just Call Me Homegirl can show you how to make your fan look brand new for under $6! Click here for her full tutorial.

Pay Attention To Trim


Once again, a single coat of paint has the power to make a room look 30 years newer. If you want to learn how you can clean up your trim, click here.


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