In Case You Didn’t Know…Snakes Can Open Doors (Otherwise Known As My Nightmare)

In the contest of who’s creepier — snakes or spiders — there may never be a clear winner. However, when it comes to the following video, I feel like snakes have a firm lead. Spiders, while terrifying in their own right, have their limitations when it comes to size. They can also be easily trapped in a room while you run away screaming walk away calmly.

I used to think the same thing about snakes…then I saw this.

I don’t think snakes should be this smart.

Well, shoot. Now I have to buy dead bolts for all of the doors in my home. It won’t be cheap, but I’d honestly rather be safe than sorry when it comes to home snake protection.

If you want to be even more terrified, just check out julius the python‘s YouTube channel.

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