Jeanne Robertson Saved Her Husband From Embarrassment At A Fancy Gala

When you love someone, you’re willing to do just about anything for them. For all the amazing moments that come with a loving relationship, there are just as many early morning airport drop-offs and dinners with in-laws. Not that these things are necessarily bad, but they might not always be what you want to do that day. Regardless of how you’re feeling, you do these things for your significant other because you know it’ll make them happy.

Comedian Jeanne Robertson’s husband must love her very much, considering everything he has gone through on her behalf. As a nationally touring comedian, Jeanne is asked to perform at all sorts of venues across the United States. Her husband, Jerry (or “Left Brain” as she lovingly refers to him as), used to accompany her to all of her speaking engagements. Even though he may not have always wanted to be there, Jerry traveled with his wife and supported her passions for many years … until one fateful night.

While attending a speaking engagement at a university in North Carolina, something happened to Left Brain that made him want to leave immediately. Unfortunately for him, Jeanne had promised her client that she would stay for the entire event. When you find out what happened that made him want to leave, you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing. And the solution they finally come up with? Oh my goodness …

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