Little Boy Draws On Mommy’s Mirror, Blames Batman

Of all the superheroes, I’ve always found Batman to be the most elusive. I mean, come on – he lives in a cave, dresses in all black, and hardly ever opens up to anyone, other than his trusty butler, Alfred. If you haven’t seen Batman Versus Superman yet, I’m not going to give away any spoilers, but I will say, he’s a pretty moody and unpredictable guy. You never can be sure what he is going to say or do, especially when the word “mom” is involved. 

Even so, we never thought we’d see him commit a crime like this. When Laura Hopkins found her two-year-old son standing next to a mirror covered in lipstick, she could only assume that he’d made the “art” himself. Imagine her surprise when he informs her that Batman did it! It’s a hilarious moment, made all the cuter by the boy’s tiny accent and adorable Potteresque glasses. Admittedly, I’ve already watched the clip at least ten times, and I know it’s one that I’ll revisit again and again in the future. 

Moments like these are exactly what makes parenting so much fun – and so hard! How can you be mad after such a ridiculously cute moment? We’re not sure if he was punished or not, but no doubt mom moved whatever was left of her lipstick to a safer location. After all, you never can tell where “Batman” might strike next! 

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H/T: Laura Hopkins

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