Little Girl Plays Piano In Metro Station

Public speaking. If we are honest, those two words strike fear into most of us. Never mind a public performance of a difficult piano piece! Not so for a 9-year-old virtuoso in London’s Canary Wharf metro station!

British artist Luke Jerram installed this one-of-many “street pianos” in this busy metro area. The goal of this art movement is to allow the public to, “engage with, activate, and take ownership of their urban environment.” In other words, Jerram hopes his pianos, which are hosted and decorated by artists in communities around the world, will add beauty to the lives of those waiting for trains, buses, or just shopping in local markets. Here we are treated to a mini maestro who takes full advantage of this ideal.

Meet Asta Dora Finnsdottir, a 9-year-old little girl on vacation from Finland with her family. From the moment she begins to play, she draws a crowd. Her passion and focus are rare in one so young, yet they are infectious, as evidenced by the reaction of the crowd. Even those passing by nod their approval of her beautiful playing. It is as if she is teaching us all a lesson for life: Do what you love, and the world is better for it!

At first glance you would expect this small girl to pick out something simple, perhaps even childish. Asta stuns her admirers with a precise rendition of Mozart’s “The Turkish March.” Several people stop and wait to witness the entire piece, and then stay to congratulate our young pianist. Once again, we are taught by a child, as she offers up only a humble smile for all her hard work. May we all learn to love what we do, and share it with such simple, well-meaning humility. Bravo Asta!

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