Loyal Pup Stands Guard After Owner Faints On Busy Street

If you’ve been considering getting a dog, this video might be all it takes to push you over the edge and send you running to your local SPCA. While cats make great companions, there is nothing that can match the fierce loyalty and undying friendship of a dog. They don’t care if you are in a bad mood or haven’t showered all day, and they’ll definitely never judge you for ordering takeout or “forgetting” to clean the bathroom. As long as you give them a meal and some love, they’ll look at you like you’re their parent, god, and best friend forever, all rolled into one. 

As we found out in this video, loyal dogs will even stay by their owner’s side in the most harrowing of moments. In December 2012, a man fainted in the middle of a busy street in Guizhou, China. Although cars, bikes, and people are rushing by, his faithful dog stays by his side, barking and growing more protective by the second. Not knowing that the police and rescue workers are there to help, the tiny dog nips at their hands and dances worriedly around his owner, acting like a dog of a much larger and more ferocious size. 

Finally, EMTs load the man into an ambulance. And the dog? He wasn’t going to let them forget about him! Luckily, a kind EMT allowed him to ride to the hospital with his owner – no doubt a violation of rules and health codes. The clip of the loyal dog and thoughtful EMT soon went viral, and has racked up nearly three million views over the past four years. 

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