Man Carves Mother’s Portrait With An Ax

At a very young age, most infants begin to create their first masterpieces without even knowing it. Colorful baby food can be splattered across the high chair table to create brilliant works of art. And as we enter into the early childhood years, those big, blank canvases that our parents called “walls” were practically begging to be drawn on. So, even if you feel like you are not artistically inclined and have given up on this endeavor altogether, you have definitely partaken in this activity at one point in your life.

Art can take many forms, and the tools used to create them vary from one artist to another. Art is also very subjective, meaning that each individual will have a different definition of what it is and how good it is. Sometimes, more abstract masterpieces can be mistaken for common items – like the time when a cleaning lady mistook artist Paul Branca’s work of art for trash and threw away the $15,000 commodity. More traditional artistic approaches such as paintings and sculptures, on the other hand, are usually harder to misinterpret.

This is Rogério Bertoldo. Here he is with an ax, standing next to a large boulder.

Your first guess wouldn’t be that he was about to create some form of art.

You may think that he was simply relieving some stress and anger by breaking the boulder apart.

But, if you look carefully, you’ll see that he has sketched some sort of outline onto the rock along the way.

As the general form starts to take shape, Rogério begins to chisel the smaller details into his rock.

It’s beginning to look a lot like a sculpture of a human.

This was definitely not a short or easy endeavor.

And just who is this elegant woman that he’s so carefully sculpting into life?

It’s Rogério’s mother, Terezinha de Souza Bertoldo.

Rogério’s father tragically passed away 10 months prior to this. He was carving the sculpture of his mother to be placed next to the statue of her husband, Eloi.

The statues can be found at Jardim das Esculturas (Garden of Sculptures), a beautiful garden in Brazil that showcases over 200 works of art by Rogério.

The talented sculptor creates his masterpieces out of stone and wood. Along with his parents, he has also carved statues of his wife and himself.

Rogério’s incredible sculpting has attracted many visitors to the garden, which has garnered an impressive fan base on Facebook as well. If you ever visit this area in Brazil, the Jardim das Esculturas is definitely a must-see on your list.

To see more of his stunning works of art, be sure to check out his Facebook page here.

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