Man Makes Mesmerizing Music With Wine Glasses

Some of the world’s most talented musicians aren’t on giant stages performing in front of sold-out crowds. Often, they can be found in unexpected places, perhaps even on your local street corner.

Take glass harpist Petr Spatina, for example. Hailing from the Czech Republic, he has taken what used to be seen as a goofy talent show gimmick and turned it into a unique art form. His classical style of glass harp leans more towards Chopin than The Gong Show. While Petr is certainly no stranger to larger venues, he seems perfectly at ease showing off his craft on city streets. 

As you can see in this video, Petr takes 33 wine glasses – each filled with a different amount of water to produce different notes – and strokes his fingers across them producing mesmerizing music that sounds like it comes from outer space. The song he plays, “Fragile Sounds,” is absolutely beautiful, and would probably sound wonderful played on any instrument, but it seems even more spectacular coming from such an unconventional source. 

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H/T: Street Performers Got Talent!

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