Man Summons A Herd Of Elephants In Thailand

Elephants might seem like big, lumbering beasts who are all brawn, but believe me when I tell you that they are some of the most intelligent and noble creatures in the animal kingdom. They have great memories and remember other elephants and humans they care about even if they haven’t seen them in decades, forming deep emotional bonds. Here at Wimp, we’ve seen quite a few videos that have left us all convinced that these gentle giants deserve all the love we can give them.

In this video, we see a volunteer named Darrick, at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, calling out to some elephants in the distance. As soon as they hear him call out to them, they come running his way. While having a small herd of elephants charging towards you is probably not an ideal scenario for most people, this situation is very different.

Darrick is good friends with these elephants, and one named Kham La (which means “Darling” in Thai) has taken a particular liking to him. She and the other elephants are always happy to see Darrick and show him some love. It just goes to show that when they’re well cared for and treated with love and respect, these majestic animals are more than capable of reciprocating that affection.

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H/T: Elephantnews

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