Meet The Couple Who Lives In A Luxury Cave

America is all about alternative housing. These days, people are living in tiny homes, buses, and even old gas stations, so it was only a matter of time before someone moved into a cave. People have been living in caves for a long time (I think we even had a name for men who lived in them …), but there’s no way their caves were anywhere near as nice as the one that Cathy and Randy Clark live in.

How does one go about moving into a cave, you ask? It was actually their neighbor who gave them the idea. Cathy and Randy purchased some property that was too difficult to build anything on due to its vertical nature. One day, while they were exploring it, they heard a loud noise and decided to investigate. They discovered that the man who owned the property next to them was blasting out the side of the mountain to make a cave home for him and his wife. Cathy asked him to check out their land and see if it could be blasted too. The rock was steady, so their neighbor brought over his equipment and the rest is history.

Now, Cathy and her husband have transformed their unique plot of land into the most luxurious cave the world has ever seen. According to Cathy, “A traditional home has a lot going for it, but it won’t ever be as interesting as living in the cave house.” Check out the video below for a full tour of this awesome natural living space.

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H/T: CNNMoney

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