Mom Overdue With Twins Does The Most Hilarious Dance

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows how uncomfortable that last month or two can be. You’re starting to get really (and I mean really) big, it’s hard to sleep, several pounds of baby are resting right on your bladder, and you’re just ready for the seeming relief of delivery. In the end, jokes on you, because delivery is just the beginning of the hard part; in case no one told you, having a newborn is hard work!

So, just imagine being four days past that magic 40-week mark. And, then, imagine that you’re 40+ weeks pregnant with twins. It’s easy to see how this mama-to-be might be feeling a little less than gracious about her seemingly never-ending pregnancy. While there has to be a sense of relief to have made it this far, as you never want to go into labor early, she’s feeling, understandably, pretty over being pregnant. 

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to jump-start labor. While there are plenty of old wives tales, involving castor oil, spicy foods, and more, it’s generally just a waiting game. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give some of these tactics a try anyway. Many swear by physical activity as a way to kick labor into gear. Now, normally, this means a walk (or a waddle) around the house or the neighborhood. But, this mom is determined to get her sons, Wes and Isaac, moving with some sick dance moves. I’ve seen people who can’t move like this on a regular day, but for this overdue mom? Over-the-top dancing is no problem!

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H/T: findingdevo’s channel

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