Mom Takes Hilarious Photos With A Cardboard Cutout Of Her Son

It’s always a proud but emotional moment when your child moves out of your home. Many parents experience empty nest syndrome, which is marked by feelings of loss and loneliness once their home has been vacated by their offspring. This bittersweet milestone is particularly hard on parents when their kid relocates to a whole different continent.

Dalton Ross left his childhood home in Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his education in London, England. He knew that this arrangement would make his mother, Susan Talley, miss him a lot. So, Dalton used his creativity and sense of humor to find a way to make his mom feel better.

This life-size cutout of himself was Dalton’s comical idea to cheer up his mom. He thought that this whimsical souvenir would give Susan a good laugh, but he never expected her to take the joke one step further.

To ensure that the entire family will be pleasantly surprised by his stunt, Dalton mailed the cutout to his family home without telling anyone. “Just when I was starting to miss him REALLY bad,” Susan wrote on her Facebook upon receiving her son’s thoughtful gift. “Stay tuned because I’m going to be posting lots of adventures with this Dalton while the real one is in Europe.”


Look what the UPS man delivered – hahaha, I love it!!!! Just when I was starting to miss him REALLY bad. Stay tuned…

Posted by Susan Schmittou Talley on Friday, February 12, 2016

As we all know, sharing is caring. So, Susan invited some of Dalton’s friends over for dinner – they couldn’t possibly be left out of Dalton’s ceremonious return to Nashville (sort of)!

Like any good mother, Susan made sure that her beloved son was tucked in at night. And no bedtime is complete without a good story!

As much as she enjoyed spending time with her son, Susan knew that it was equally important for Dalton to continue bonding with his little sister as well.

Susan’s maternal instincts also told her to make sure that Dalton was always well fed. This meant paying a trip to her son’s favorite lunch stop for some delicious sub sandwiches.

There’s just no escaping the doctor’s office, unfortunately. Susan was determined to make sure that her beloved son was in perfect health, and she wasn’t satisfied until their family doctor gave her the reassuring thumbs up.

The family dog was not about to pass up some quality time with Dalton as well. What fun they had!

Of course, Grandma wasn’t about to miss out on Dalton’s lovely company either. Every proud grandma loves to show off her handsome grandson in public!

Dalton was definitely the most enthusiastic cheerleader during his little brother’s games.

When Valentine’s Day rolled around, Susan made sure that her good-looking son wouldn’t spend it alone. To her delight, Dalton was speechless when he met the girl that his mom had so carefully handpicked for his romantic blind date.

Then came Easter, and Dalton was there to participate in the family Easter egg hunt. Just look at how many eggs were in his basket – I think we have a winner!

Dalton is extremely lucky to have such an amazing family. It’s clear where he gets his good looks and his sense of humor from!

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