Oregon Man Lives In A Real-Life “Hobbit Hole”

Who hasn’t read a fantasy novel and wondered what life would be like if you could set up shop in one of those idyllic settings? From Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter, there are numerous universes that fans find appealing in endless ways. Of course, it’s not possible to live like you’re in a fantasy novel… or is it? For one intrepid Oregonian, living a simple life like Frodo Baggins stopped being a fantasy and started being a reality. Meet Dan Price, a former photojournalist who ditched his nine-to-five in favor of a simpler life in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.

Dan built his special hobbit hole for a mere $75 and leases the land on which he lives for a measly $100 a year! With rent prices that low, it’s easy to understand why he’s willing to do with so much less. His home is an eight-foot circle dug into the ground and only four feet tall. Dan spends a lot of time crouched over, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He lives a simple life, sleeping on a bedroll and eating cereal with water because he doesn’t have a refrigerator for milk. He even boils rice on a hot plate, a process which takes him hours every day. But he’s able to live off of $5,000 a year and even spends his winters surfing in Hawaii. In addition to the hobbit hole, he also has a bathroom/sauna with hot water and an art studio where he works on his own magazine, Moonlight Chronicles. There are certainly worse ways to live!

Dan’s homestead is modest and unobtrusive, but he’s got everything he needs. If you look close under that awning, you can see the door to his home.

The door to the home is so small, you have to crouch to get inside. It might not be comfortable, but it’s definitely private!

As you can see, the home isn’t for everyone, but it works just fine for Dan.

Doesn’t the front of this home look straight out of Middle Earth? It’s not hard to imagine Gandalf popping by for a visit.

There may not be a lot of space, but Dan makes use of every square foot to pack as much living as he can into the tiny home.

He won’t be cooking up any five-course meals in this kitchen, but it’s more than enough for one man.

Dan may be living way out in the wilderness, but his little hobbit home provides him with just enough protection from the elements.

He loves living in such a tiny space, saying that the more he gave up, the freer he felt.

He’s got enough space to nap, read, cook, and generally enjoy himself. What more could you ask for?

And just because he’s living underground doesn’t mean he’s disconnected. Dan can still stay in touch via his laptop and tablet.

I can’t imagine a more idyllic and magical place to spend a snowy Oregon winter, can you?

Let Dan walk you through the process of how he went from an ordinary photojournalist to the tallest hobbit in the world!

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