Parrot Loves The Sound Of Pouring Water

Water. It’s the lifeblood of Earth and our most important resource for survival. Sometimes, however, we tend to take it for granted. We waste huge amounts of water every day and don’t really think of the consequences. You don’t have to be a water sommelier to learn how to conserve some H2O every now and then. Maybe you can take some advice from this parrot who is more excited about a few drops of water than any environmentalist I’ve ever seen. 

His name is Loki, and he is a Rainbow Lorikeet. While he may share a name with a Marvel supervillain, he is the sweetest little bird you could ever hope to find. Aside from being ridiculously cute, Loki possesses a unique quirk that has captured the hearts of many.  Every time he hears his owner pour a bit of water, he jumps up and down and performs a little dance. Maybe it’s his own version of a rain dance, or maybe he just can’t contain his excitement at the possibility of drinking some water. Either way, it is a joy to watch.  

Is Loki the best animal dancer we’ve ever seen? He’d have to compete with these festive owls and this high-stepping horse. In the end, though, I think I would have to give the win to Loki, but just so I could see what his victory dance looks like. 

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H/T: Loki The Rainbow Lorikeet

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