Police Officers Build Shelter For Mother Dove And Her Eggs

If there’s one thing pretty much everyone in the world knows, it’s not to mess with a police officer or his car. No matter where you are in the world, you better believe that hijacking a police vehicle is going to result in some pretty hefty jail time.

As bad of an idea as it is, that’s exactly what someone did to the officers of the Parma Police Department in Ohio. In fact, not only did they hijack a vehicle, they did it in broad daylight! How the officers responded back is easily the best part.

Recently, these officers found that one of their backup cruisers had been taken over. Instead of removing the squatter, however, the officers took a very different approach.

City of Parma

You see, the cruiser had been hijacked by a mother Mourning Dove!

Julia Tullos

Instead of shooing her away, the officers built her a shelter to keep her nest and eggs safe and dry.

Lisa Lowry

They also replaced the covering as necessary so as to keep them all constantly dry without disturbing them too much.

City of Parma

Police spokesperson Kevin Riley said, “Our officers are human beings just like anyone else. We care for all lives, human and animal.” The officers nicknamed the mama bird Gerty, and have made sure she’s taken care of.

City of Parma

Maybe it’s because she’s a first-time offender, but we’re sure glad that these officers were so lenient with Gerty!

Lisa Lowry

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