Quick-Thinking ER Doctor Catches Flying Newborn Baby

It’s no secret that being a doctor is incredibly stressful. The hours are long, you’re surrounded by sick people, and you rarely get to spend time with your family. Imagine being responsible for keeping someone alive and exposing yourself to highly infectious diseases on a daily basis. That’s a lot to handle, and it’s why I have so much respect for doctors.

As a doctor, you never know what to expect when you step into the emergency room. For Dr. Mauricio Heilbron, things were about to take an entirely unexpected turn when he heard screams from a hospital bed. The screams were from a pregnant mom, and followed by footsteps that got louder as they got closer to the emergency room. When he turned around, Heilbron couldn’t believe what he saw. It seemed like something straight out of a movie, or the pages of a book about the weirdest things that could happen in the ER.

Heilbron was shocked by the sight of a sharply-dressed physician standing over the pregnant mom, holding her newborn baby in his bare hands. He was covered in blood, embryonic fluid, fecal matter and all the liquids that you would expect from a newly born baby. The physician’s quick reaction ended up saving the newborn’s life and inspired one of the most unbelievable tales in medical history. In the video below, Heilbron gives his first-hand account of everything that happened on that eventful day.

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