Sisters Bite Into Cupcakes To Find Out Sex Of New Sibling

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the words sex and gender but, contrary to popular belief, the terms are not interchangeable. While sex refers to biology, namely the genitalia a person is born with, gender is much more fluid. It comes not from our DNA or natural inclinations, rather, a set of standards developed by society and culture. These “gender laws” are subject to change, whether by the world as a whole or by an individual. For example, 100 years ago, pink was a color worn primarily by boys, but today we think of it as a “girl” color! 

But, for now, we live in a society that recognizes pink as standing for girls and blue for boys. Many expectant parents use the colors in what is known as a “gender reveal” (although, as we know now, it should actually be called a “sex reveal”) to announce the arrival of a new baby. Sometimes it’s balloons in a box or, as in this case, icing inside a cupcake. Either way, pink or blue emerge and begin to set up expectations about the life that is still forming. 

The Gigi sisters are clearly excited when their parents hand them cupcakes and tell them to bite in to find out the sex of their new sibling, but the little girl on the left clearly came to the table with some expectations of her own. Maybe she missed her nap or it’s just one of those days, but at 0:34 her little face is sad enough to break even the stoniest of hearts. We’re sure that she’ll recover just fine and love that little baby no matter what, but it’s going to be a while before she can live this reaction down! 

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H/T: Heidi Hope Photography

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