Stepfather Of The Bride

The job of a wedding photographer must be very interesting, and definitely very uplifting. Working at an event like a wedding, with a couple’s loved ones all gathered around to celebrate such a momentous occasion, gives a photographer the chance to see beautiful and intimate moments that most people outside of the family wouldn’t. It is this inside look, if you will, that leads to some truly moving moments making their way out of the private sphere and being shared for the world to enjoy. 

Photographer Delia Blackburn had the pleasure of capturing one of these moments at a recent wedding. Be warned: you might need some tissues for this one.

Delia shared a few pictures that she took at the wedding of Brittany and Jeremy Peck. These particular photos were posted to her Facebook page, and they quickly became a worldwide sensation.

The photos show Brittany, the bride, and her father, Todd, on their journey down the aisle. Delia says that, when they moved a few feet, Todd suddenly stopped in his tracks. Everyone was, of course, confused. But then he did something incredible. He went over to Brittany’s stepfather, the other man who helped raise her, and took his hand.

He brought him to the aisle and had him join in the procession. Both father and stepfather had the honor of walking Brittany down the aisle on her big day. It was clearly an overwhelming, emotional moment, as you can see that Brittany’s stepfather is crying.

Delia said that “there wasn’t a dry eye in the ceremony.” She praised Todd for his incredible act of kindness, saying, “Families are what we make them … make it about your kids and not your ego. Congratulations, Todd Bachman, on showing your kids what true love really is … love for your children.”

The beautiful pictures, coupled with Delia’s kind words, just go to show that families truly are what we make of them. Seeing a man extend his hand to another and include him in such an important moment, knowing that they are both fathers to his little girl, is beyond heartwarming. This is something that no one involved will forget anytime soon.

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H/T: Delia Blackburn

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