Teen Fashion Designer Escapes Homelessness

Jimelle Levon spent most of his childhood in a homeless shelter with his mother. At an early age, he understood the importance of hard work and determination. Levon is a young entrepreneur willing to do anything to get him and his mother out of their situation. “Me and my mother lived in a shelter before when I was in fifth grade,” Jimelle told WCMH. “From there on, once I hit sixth grade, I was always a hard worker, either shoveling the snow or anything to gain money because I didn’t want to be in the predicament anymore.”

The 18-year-old self-taught designer out of Columbus, Ohio designs and makes prom dresses by hand. The dress he made for his prom date was inspired by Vanessa Bell Calloway’s gold sequined dress that was featured in the 1988 movie Coming to America. According to Yahoo Style, Levon cut each gold leaf by hand and directly stitched it onto the sheer fabric that was covering his date.

You can visit his Instagram, jimellelevon, to see all of his stunning creations. He even has a website, where you can order your own dress.

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