The Magnificent Beauty Of Love In the Midst Of War

War is always terrible for everyone, whether it’s soldiers on the front line or the lovers, spouses, and/or children waiting for them back at home. Amidst the tragedy and horror, wars also force people to cling to feelings of longing, hope, and other emotions. Simple things that we take for granted, such as a goodbye kiss or handshake, meant (and still mean) so much more during times like these.

If you’ve never shed a tear while saying goodbye to a loved one going to the front lines, or had a happy reunion with one returning, try imagining experiencing this. Your goodbye could be the last one that you share with your loved one – spouse, fiance, father, mother, or sibling. Even nowadays, brave troops experience the same heart-wrenching exchanges with their loved ones. No matter what has changed during history, these moving, bittersweet moments have remained quite the same. Below are some vintage photos of soldiers and their loved ones sharing a final embrace or kiss before heading off to the front lines. These powerful images will undoubtedly tug at your heartstrings.

1. Two soldiers help their friend steal one final kiss before being sent to the Korean War on Sep. 6, 1950.


2. American soldiers saying goodbye to their lovers before being deployed to Egypt, 1963.

Say It With Silence

3. V-J Day in Times Square, New York, 1945. An overjoyed sailor kisses a nurse on the streets upon hearing that World War II had just ended.

Alfred Eisenstaedt

4. A woman kisses her lover goodbye at the train station in Connecticut, 1945.

Harold M. Lambert

5. A heartbreaking farewell to the troops at Penn Station, New York in April 1943.

Alfred Eisenstaedt

6. The joyous reunion of a woman and a British soldier in London, 1940. She greets him with a kiss as he returns home during World War II.

Topical Press Agency

7. World War II veteran Ralph Neppel receives an affectionate kiss from his fiancée, Jean Moore, in 1945.

George Skadding

8. Soldiers saying goodbye to their lovers at the train station before heading off to fight in World War II.


9. An ecstatic woman jumps into the arms of a soldier returning home from the war in the 1940s.

World War II in Pictures

10. An American soldier embracing his English lover in Hyde Park, 1945.

Ralph Morse

11. Soldiers on a train seize one last kiss from their lovers as they depart for Egypt in 1935.

E. Dean

12. A tearful goodbye between a soldier and his loved one as he prepares to leave Penn Station, April 1943.

Alfred Eisenstaedt

13. Guests enjoy coffee and conversation at the Ante-Bellum Mansion. This party was held in honor of the cadets from the local army flying school in Mississippi, 1943.

Alfred Eisenstaedt

14. English soldiers enjoy a few more moments with their wives before heading off to Egypt, 1937.


15. An English ATS member sharing a passionate kiss with an Air Force sergeant under a tree, 1945.

Ralph Morse

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