The Most Pun-tastic Dad Jokes Of All Time

Dads. Like moms, they’ve got their strengths and their weaknesses. You wouldn’t, for example, run to them when you scrape your knee. But, if you’re looking for some great barbecue, or maybe a second opinion on whether or not you’re allowed to stay up late, they’re second to none. There is definitely one thing that they do absolutely better than anyone: the “dad joke.”

This elite form of comedy seems to be something all men suddenly develop upon becoming dads, along with an affinity for uncool footwear. It takes a deft touch to tell a joke as good-awful as a dad can, but these images do a great job of translating many of them into a visual form.

1. Who let dad near the shopping list?


2. Clearly this dad’s a history buff.


3. How do you think mom will feel about the new “flower bed?”


4. I believe he just might be.


5. Literally, a “couch potato.” Bet you didn’t think your eyes could roll that much.


6. This “waist of time” brought to you by dad humor.


7. “Honey Boo Boo.” Only a dad joke could be this dated and still elicit a laugh.


8. If you ask them, he got his money’s worth.


9. But he probably would have gotten greater joy out of wrapping these up for Christmas.


10. This is why you don’t invite your friends over anymore.


11. They walked right into that one.


12. Admit it, you laughed hard at this one.


13. You can’t argue with that logic.


14. He does this every time someone comes over. Every. Time.


15. And, as always, don’t forget to … duck.


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H/T: Huffington Post

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