The Quickest Way To Get Your Dog Off The Couch

It’s certainly not anyone’s favorite part of having a baby but as the popular children’s book says, “everybody poops.” Babies who haven’t mastered the art of potty training don’t have much control over where and when it happens, which is one major component to the comedy of this video.

Mom was just filming an adorable scene between her two darlings, her young son and her sleepy dog. Despite getting plenty of attention, this lazy bones just can’t seem to get up enough energy to do more than raise his eyebrows. That is until the baby does something the dog just doesn’t feel like dealing with today.

It’s not just the dog’s reaction to the baby pooping that has everybody laughing. It’s what happens immediately after that really turns the hilarity up a notch. Turns out the dog was acting as a support for the child and when he bolts, the baby flops over like he’s some kind of cartoon character or slapstick comedian.

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H/T: Kyoot Kids

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