The World’s Weirdest Jobs

Have you ever taken a moment to consider how many jobs there are in the world? Everyone is familiar with common jobs like teaching, working construction, or practicing medicine, but there are plenty of other jobs that go unnoticed and unrecognized by society.

Almost everything we use in the world is provided by someone with a very specific job. Even little things that we take for granted, like fortune cookies or pictures of food, have hardworking men and women behind them.

Some jobs, however, are just downright weird. While many on this list make total sense, others sound completely fake. And when you hear how much money people make doing some of these jobs … you might be tempted to quit your own and pursue a new occupation. Check out the photos below for our list of the 20 weirdest jobs in the world.

1. Bomb Disposal Diver

Ministry of Defence

This job is the bomb … literally. You have to go through a lot of training, but bomb disposal divers have been known to make as much as $100,000, depending on their rank in the armed forces.

2. Professional Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid for Hire

Are you the type of person who can get along with just about anyone? If so, you can make anywhere from $300 to $2,000 by being someone’s bridesmaid.

3. Live Mannequin

Leslie Yager

Some stores make their window displays a little more interesting by hiring real people to model their clothes. For $100, you can show off fashion from your favorite store!

4. Fortune Cookie Writer


As cheesy as some of them are, each fortune cookie has to be written by someone. Make as much as $75,000 annually by doling out your wisdom to Chinese food lovers everywhere.

5. Elevator Mechanic

L. Todd Spencer

These unsung heroes are the ones who help you if you’re ever in the terrifying position of being stuck in an elevator. These handy mechanics make around $70,000 per year.

6. Master Sommelier


Do you love a good glass of wine and a delicious meal? Master Sommeliers make as much as $80,000 for recommending the perfect vino to restaurant patrons.

7. Bingo Manager

Chronicle Live

It might not be the most thrilling occupation, but it’s a living. Bingo managers make $56,000 each year.

8. Furniture Tester


This job doesn’t pay as well as some of the others, but that’s because you get paid for testing furniture. Quite possibly the most “plush” job on our list, furniture testers can make around $31,000.

9. Pet Food Tester

Carters News Agency

Getting paid to eat food sounds like the best job ever, right? Well, what if the food you got paid to eat was … pet food? If you don’t have any reservations about chowing down on some Kibbles ‘n Bits, you can rake in $40,000 a year. On the bright side, lunch is always provided!

10. Horse Rider/Exerciser

wiredforsound ​

If you grew up riding horses, this is the job for you. Race horses require a great deal of conditioning and exercise leading up to a race, and owners will pay riders around $50,000 to work them out.

11. Golf Ball Retriever


Diving for golf balls might sound like an easy gig, but it’s actually the most dangerous occupation on our list. Venomous snakes, snapping turtles, and toxic waters make this job anything but a refreshing swim. The $100,000 annual salary just barely makes up for it.

12. Hot Dog Cart Operator

Kevin Coughlin

It might seem like a humble job, but hot dog vendors can make some serious bank. You can expect to make somewhere in the ballpark of $30,000 to $100,000 for slingin’ franks in a major city.

13. Water Slide Tester


For $30,000, you’ll be in charge of making sure water slides are safe for everyone to ride. This is one of the few jobs where it’s appropriate to take your shirt off at work.

14. Personal Shopper/Stylist

Chester Higgins Jr.

Do you want the thrill of shopping without losing money from your bank account? Personal shoppers and stylists help clients put together the perfect wardrobe for anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 each year.

15. Voice-Over Artist

Lee Krohn

You know that voice in movie trailers that says “In a world …?” The talented men and women responsible for the voices in your favorite commercials and animations make around $80,000 annually.

16. IMAX Screen Cleaner

J. Emilio Flores

A screen that big is bound to get dusty. These specialized cleaners often work night shifts and make about $45,000.

17. Ice Cream Taster/Food Scientist


No two things are more opposite than “ice cream” and “work.” Believe it or not, some people are lucky enough to get paid to taste ice cream. With a salary of $56,000, we can’t help but wonder how these people get paid more than the pet food tasters!

18. Food Stylists/Photographer

Kelly Senyei

Is your Instagram account full of gorgeous food pics? If so, you might have found your calling as a food stylist and photographer. You’ll get paid up to $58,000 a year for making food look delicious.

19. Professional Snuggler

Carla Axtman

Make as much as $60 an hour for snuggling with strangers. At least you won’t get in trouble for falling asleep on the job!

20. Paper Towel Sniffer

Broderick Earl

When we said weird, we did mean weird. As strange as it may seem, paper towel companies actually pay people to make sure their products aren’t “too smelly in any fashion.” If you’ve got a strong nose, you might be able to make somewhere between $19,000 and $52,000 doing this odd job.

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