These Dancin’ Daddies Have Some Serious Moves

When you’re young, life’s a party. You can dance and have a great time, then you meet someone special. You still dance and enjoy life, but maybe it’s a little more subdued. Then, you have kids, and the fun’s over, right? Not if GoovaRoo Dance Studio and these awesome dads have anything to say about it! 

This dance studio in San Diego designs classes for the whole family, even baby. The goal is to get families to enjoy some exercise and share fun memories together. The choreography is important, but, even more important, these dads get to learn how to play their babies like a guitar during the solo. 

Perhaps you’re looking at this as an odd choice for a group activity. Maybe you prefer to rock out with your little ones in the privacy of your own home. Of course, those moments are special, and do provide that bonding time, but there are added benefits to taking a class. You get a complete routine, start to finish. No sitting down to eat chips here, just good, clean fun and exercise. You also get to meet other families in the process. 

It’s all good fun as they groove to Wild Cherry’s “Play That Funky Music.” They even get to invite their partners to join them on the dance floor. In a time when so many families spend hours with electronic devices, it’s good to see there are fun, active choices available. 

H/T: GroovaRoo Dance

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