This Groom’s Dance Absolutely Steals The Show

Weddings, while different across all cultures, will always share a few things in common. They are beautiful ceremonies in which two people enter into a loving, committed relationship with each other. There are kind words, plenty of good food, and, above all else, dancing. Yes, dancing has become as synonymous with weddings as the exchanging of the vows or the couple’s first kiss. From the oldest grandma to the youngest cousin, no one can resist dancing at a wedding.

Over the past few years, highly choreographed dance routines have become popular among brides and grooms. Recently we’ve seen some people get extra creative, like these seven brothers who put on an unforgettable performance for their sister. And who could forget these bridesmaids who stunned the wedding reception with a flawless Irish step dance? Or, what about this mother/son duo with the most energetic wedding dance we’ve ever witnessed? Seriously, try not to lose your breath just watching them.

While those other dances are impressive, this one might take the (wedding) cake based on its choreography alone. The groom, with some help from his nine best friends, treats the bride to a medley of popular songs and outrageous dance numbers that have her cracking up the whole way through. We seriously doubt she expected to see her groom floating towards her on a magic carpet, but you better believe he found a way! It’s a good thing this dance was caught on tape, because we know it’s a memory the bride will treasure for the rest of her life.

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H/T: North Productions HD

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