This Mother Claims To Have Filmed A Ghost Sitting In Her Child’s Crib

When you’re a new parent, life is stressful. Worrying endlessly about your little one is part of the job description, so it only makes sense that you would drop a good chunk of change on a nice baby monitor.

But what if that monitor catches something in your baby’s room that’s not supposed to be there? Well, you might get something like this.

The following video was uploaded to Facebook this week by a new mother. She claims that she captured footage of a ghost sitting in her child’s crib. Can you see it?

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

The uploader, Jade Yates, says that it looks like there are two separate spirits watching over her daughter — a child and an adult. While this could be a hoax, there’s just something about this footage that makes it seem real.

According to Yates, her little one’s sleep patterns are unusually erratic. If this video is real, it would explain why her daughter seems to wake up every other hour throughout the night. Perhaps a bit of paranormal activity is what’s causing the baby to experience so much restlessness.

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