This Watermelon Party Trick Will Have Your Guests Talking All The Way To Next Summer

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to start enjoying some cookouts with family and friends. And of course, no summer cookout is ever truly complete without some cold, sweet, juicy, and refreshing watermelons.

They’re definitely my favorite item in the summer and we’ve seen a variety of watermelon-related life hacks here on Wimp, from how to slice and dice them up faster to how to create a smoothie inside your watermelon that your watermelon then dispenses.

This latest one, however, definitely caught us by surprise. YouTuber Mark Rober (who was actually responsible for the aforementioned smoothie) shows us how to “skin” a watermelon so that the perfectly rounded inside comes off cleanly from the rind. Of course, it’s not actually real and the trick requires having two watermelons of roughly the same size/shape, one of which is hollowed out and the other is skinned. The hollow shell is then put onto the carved melon to create an illusion that’ll surely have your party guests talking all the way to next summer.

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