Two Deserving Sisters Get The Makeover Of A Lifetime

Who doesn’t love a good makeover? Seeing someone who hasn’t had the time, energy, or money to put into their appearance get a whole new look is just exciting. Sometimes the aesthetic overhaul has a heartwarming meaning behind it, sometimes it’s a chance for bonding between fathers and daughters; whatever the reason behind the change in appearance, it’s always interesting so see what the subject of the makeover looks like on the other side.

Take these two sisters, for instance. As happens to so many women, they suddenly found their lives had been totally taken over by caregiving. Gloria Flaherty, a 59-year-old grandmother, moved all the way to Queens, New York to care of her elderly mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Anyone who has been a full-time caregiver to someone with the disease knows that it is absolutely a full-time job. Then, there’s Gloria’s younger sister Marta Fugett. Although she’s the baby sister, she’s still a mother of six and grandmother of three! Spending her time with all the kids and grandkids is fun, but “she’s never done anything for herself. She takes care of everyone but herself,” big sis Gloria explains. Clearly that strong nurturing instinct runs in the family!

Luckily, Plaza Ambush Makeovers absolutely saved the day. The popular segment featured on The TODAY Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb shows people getting pulled from the crowds outside NBC studios and sent off to the studio for fabulous makeovers. Celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and television personality Jill Martin choose the lucky recipients and oversee the makeovers from start to finish. Although the makeover recipients don’t know what’s happening until the big reveal, it seems like these two sisters certainly weren’t disappointed!

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