Ukulele-Playing 12-Year-Old Stuns Judges On “America’s Got Talent”

When I was 12 years old, I used to dream about becoming the first Indian man to become an NBA MVP, and then go on to establish a successful career as a movie star – basically an Indian Michael Jordan. Space Jam was still fresh in our young minds, and being a basketball legend who gets to play with the Looney Tunes was pretty much as awesome as it could possibly get.

Grace VanderWaal, however, has dreams that are a bit more realistic. Instead of fantasizing about dollhouses, cartoons, or Hannah Montana (yes, I know, I have no clue what little girls are into these days), she’s got her eyes set on becoming America’s next big pop star – all at the tender age of 12. 

America’s Got Talent has seen its fair share of notable performances over the years, but Grace is truly special. She starts off pretty timidly, quietly answering the judges’ questions in a deceptively soft voice. When it comes time to sing, however, Grace’s voice blows everyone away – as does the fact that she’s singing an original composition! Howie Mandel knows a good thing when he sees it, and wastes little time pressing the Golden Buzzer to send Grace through to the finals. Even more amazing is what Simon Cowell tells her afterwards, which, coming from him, is high praise indeed. Here’s hoping he’s right!

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H/T: America’s Got Talent

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