Unlikely Friends Attend Prom Together

Finding a date to prom is hard enough, especially when you’re a high school student trying to navigate the complex social scene. However, for Middletown High School students, Chip and Claire, going to prom just got a whole lot easier.

Chip and Claire are both members of their school’s newest student program, “Circle of Friends.” The program, meant to encourage students to push past their social differences, pairs together students from different peer groups – like Chip and Claire. While the two may have seemed like an unlikely match for each other, their story is now inspiring people everywhere. 

Claire was born with a genetic chromosomal disorder and, as a result, is developmentally delayed. She was paired off with Chip, a senior varsity soccer player, and their friendship soon blossomed. The two are now making great strides toward debunking the social stereotypes that once separated them. Their first step will be attending this year’s senior prom together.

Chip and Claire’s paths may have never crossed if it wasn’t for programs like, “Circle of Friends.” In an interview with CBS Chip told reporters: “I viewed the world so differently before I met Claire, and then after I met her, she just changed me a lot. I don’t think anyone is ever taught me more or impacted me more than Claire.” 

The two are often seen high-fiving in the hallways and walking to and from classes with each other. Chip even tells reporters that he views Claire as a younger sister to him. Their story is not only inspirational and moving, but it is also a reminder for people everywhere to set aside their differences and learn love each other for who we really are.  

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H/T: CBS New York

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