Watch This Rescued Bear Get His First Taste Of Freedom

We often take our freedoms for granted. We also take it for granted that “wild” animals are actually living in the wild. Did you know that there are more tigers living in American households than there are in the forests and jungles they actually call home? It’s true. And not just a few more. There are potentially up to 7,000 tigers living in the United States, compared to just 3,500 left living in the wild. Either of those numbers is pretty depressing, anyway, when you consider that the entire population of tigers worldwide only amounts to the equivalent of a small town full of people.

Even those tigers, whose suburban lives are typically far from natural or happy, are living in the lap of luxury compared to other animals. In certain parts of Asia, traditional medicine often calls for bear bile. The demand for this product has resulted in an unfortunate “farming” scenario, where captured or bred bears are kept in small cages, hooked up to equipment to gather bile from them via poorly performed surgical methods. It’s a torturous, bleak life.

Worse still is that thousands of bears continue to be kept this way despite most Asian countries having banned the practice. There is no evidence that, as it is used in traditional Chinese medicine, there is any effect whatsoever from use. One component of the bile does have medical uses, but it can easily be made synthetically.

When bile bear farms are raided, bears like Tuffy need a place where they can recuperate and learn to be bears. Tuffy, as you’ll see, has no trouble getting into the spirit of being an adorable, playful wild animal when he gets his first visit to a pond.

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H/T: Animals Asia

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