We Can’t Believe These Spinning Top Trick Shots Are Real Either

You might think of spinning tops as mere children’s toys, but these men from Taiwan would have you think otherwise. Masters in the art of spinning top trick shots, they’ve spent years honing their craft with traditional wooden tops. They start by wrapping the top in a thick string, then, holding onto one end of the string, they throw the top so that it unravels and starts spinning. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. That’s where the tricks come in.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself what these tricks look like. Let’s just say these guys are called “snipers” for a reason. They take a small, flat surface, no bigger than a few inches, and attempt to land their spinning top on it from across the room. If that sounds difficult, that’s because it is. Thinking about the number of times they must have messed up while practicing makes our heads spin faster than their colorful tops.

Evidence suggests that people have been spinning tops since antiquity, which is as early as the fifth century AD. It’s amazing to think that these toys have existed for so long and we’re still finding ways to have fun with them. Watch the video yourself to see these “spin top snipers” in action, and try to resist the urge to order one off of Amazon as soon as the video is over. As cool as it would be to learn how to do these trick shots, we can’t afford to break half the things in our house in the process.

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H/T: Kuma Films

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