Why Not To Swaddle Your Baby

For thousands of years, mothers have tightly wrapped their new-born babies with cloth and garments in a technique that’s known as swaddling. Usually, swaddling is meant to constrict movement of the infant’s limbs and is believed to be very helpful in calming babies down and making them feel secure. But this long-held practice, which dates back to Biblical times, has come under heavy criticism recently after studies have found a potentially harmful side-effect.

Doctors in the United Kingdom have begun speaking out and warning about the dangers of swaddling because they say it can cause serious joint problems. Most notably, it can lead to hip dysplasia. Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of this problem and swaddle their babies because that’s how it’s always been done. The research has shown that the joint problems caused by swaddling are developmental and usually don’t appear until later in life. Of course, not every baby that is swaddled will experience these symptoms, but the link is strong enough that doctors are now recommending against it. 

There are ways other than swaddling to hold and protect your baby, however, many health experts will say it is best to keep their limbs free and unconstricted. The optimal resting position of a new-born is to have its hips open with legs fully extended. You can learn much more by watching the video, and if you have any further questions, make sure to ask your doctor. 

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H/T: Daily Mail

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