Why You Should Have A Dog And A Baby

This baby looks like she’s got the perfect big brother. After all, why wouldn’t a dog make the best sibling ever? They’re loving and enjoy showing affection. They are incredibly loyal and remain with their families through thick and thin. They can even be trained to help out around the house … something that’s sorely needed with a new (and time-consuming) baby in the house!

While not every pup is as great a babysitter as Charlie the beagle, there are some things parents can do to help their dog get used to a new baby. Start by getting your dog to associate the baby with good things. Each time your dog interacts with the baby in a positive way, lavish him with attention, petting, or treats. Try taking the baby along when you walk your dog, play fetch, or do other activities your dog enjoys.

It’s also important to try to get the two to coexist peacefully … and eventually happily! At the end of the day, your pup is a pup and your child is a child. You’ll never get them to sit quietly and behave perfectly at all the right times. Therefore, remember to avoid giving your pup lots of attention while the baby is asleep and try to get him to be calm while the baby is awake. Instead, praise him for being gentle around the new baby and being careful. If you give your dog attention when the baby is around, he will learn to be excited for those times.

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